For our design process we started by thinking of possible ideas we could do for our project. We came up with quite a few, but only three really stood out to us: An ocean cleaner that picks up trash on the surface of the water, a remodeled epi-pen that is a candy instead of a shot, and the human memory chip. We then narrowed it down to two ideas, the ocean cleaner and the human memory chip. We started weighing the pros and cons of each idea, and the human memory chip seemed like the better idea to do. We came up with the name when we read some of the examples of ideas that have won in the past. We noticed most of them had an abbreviation, like Hubble NEST (Next Elimination of Space Trash), and SMART Moves. We decided not to do that, and we came up with the idea of the Human Memory Chip. It's not a catchy name, but it states our idea pretty clearly, and gives people a general idea of what our idea is. When Mr. Kaneko, our teacher for Tech 1, saw our PowerPoint presentation about the human memory chip, he came up with more than a few holes in our idea. For instance, and we added this to consequences, the idea that someone could steal your memories. We changed multiple things, and that brought us to where we are now. That's how we came up with the human memory chip idea for our Exploravision project.