The cost might be high; the technology would cost a lot of money and would be expensive to produce large quantities of our product, so we need to find a way to mass-produce it, but not cost that much money. Also about the cost, it would cost a high amount to buy the human memory chip, so we would have to figure out how to make the price lower, while still making enough money to keep the company/business going. A computer chip would need to be made that has a big enough storage for our idea, but that doesn't currently exist. Although, chips do exist that have big storage capacity, we would need one that is even bigger, around 200 terabytes. It would have to be huge! A better understanding of how our brains memory works and where to attach the chip would need to happen; right now we only have a general idea of our memories and how they work. We would need somebody to do extensive research on this, and get some more information on memories. We would definitely need some major breakthroughs for our idea to work.