Our idea has some consequences, but most of them are good. One negative consequence would be that hypothetically, someone could steal the human memory chip from your brain by cutting your head open. However, even if they did that they would not be able to steal your memories because we would program the chip to stop working when (if) it is taken out of your head. However, if somebody did that you would not forget everything you ever knew, you would just have a regular memory and you wouldn't remember all the things that were stored on the chip (the chip stores a backup copy of your ordinary memories, which are the memories that you would remember without the chip, and your special memories, which are the memories that most people would not remember without the chip, such as details and things that happened early in your life). So losing the chip wouldn't be the end of the world, and if you wanted you could just get another chip, but that chip would only remember what happened from then on. The most important positive consequence is the effect our invention would have on the world. The human memory chip would be a wonderful addition to our modern life.