Our future technology is essentially current technology, but more advanced. We have three components for our future technology. We would need a 3D holographic projector that projects in 360 degrees for one of our future technologies. This currently doesn't exist but hopefully will advance sometime soon; some companies have started working on this. We would also need a chip that has a humongous capacity for storage for our idea. Some chips have big storage capacities, but just not quite big enough. Another thing we would need that is futuristic is a chip that can access our brains memories, which is not a technology available today, unfortunately. We know that someday this would become a real thing. Since the average life span today is 72 years, we would need 86.5 terabytes for that amount of time. But, in the future, the average lifespan will, hopefully, get longer than it is today. Since our idea would be made in 10 to 20 years, we would need something more like 190-200 terabytes of storage. This is the most urgent future technology that our idea has.